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Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Friday Myths

It's that time of year again. Pushing shoving, no sleep, etc. And is it worth it? Many say a resounding 'yes.' They found a few deals and got alot of shopping taken care of in that one day. Others, however, wonder if it's more hype that hip.

Let's look at the myths:
Myth #1. There's plenty for anyone who makes it through the door.
Stores only offer a certain amount of stock at that awesome advertised price.
The retailers would go out of business if they sold all of their stock at those low-ball Black Friday prices. They can't sell something for less than they paid for it and stay in business. so each sale price comes with a limited number that are available at that price. Sometimes there is only ONE piece of inventory that is available at that price.

Myth #2. This is the best deal you will see all year.
Watch out for other days - some are better and some are worse. Cyber Monday may have some good deals but they may be out of stock by then. And the deals may not be as good as Black Friday or they may be better. Do some research for sales prices and dates.  For example, Back to School sales and Winter sales in January and February may be even better than Black Friday prices.  Now there are even shopping days BEFORE or ON Thanksgiving with prices that will beat Black Friday prices.

Myth #3. The deals are in the ads.
Many of the deals stores are offering are listed online and not in the print ads, and some are only found in the store. And the online stores (such as Amazon, Overstock, etc) who don't have a brick and mortar building are offering awesome deals too.

Myth #4. Coupons are needed
Not always! Read the fine print to make sure you have what you need to get a good price. Some stores require a coupon, some don't. And some limit the number of total sale items you can have at checkout, etc. Know the rules.

Myth #5. I have to make it to 2-3 stores that day.
Each store promotes one or two awesome deals and it may take you hours to get through the lines. Then there may be another item at another store and so you trek over there. There is another option: Walmart is going to be matching other competitors' pricing, so bring any ad from any manufacturer. Here are their details on that:     Walmart Turns Up Holiday Heat, Matches Competitors’ Best Black Friday Deals One Week Early

Whatever choice you make for finding your best deals, I wish you happy savings and a Merry Christmas!

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