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Book sale!
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are Cheap Oil Change Stores Worth it?

I dropped into Jiffy Lube this morning to have my oil changed. Before I can tell the employees that is all I want, I am being shown my dirty air filter and a PCV valve they pulled out. I did not appreciate that it got removed before I was asked if I wanted anything removed for examination. Since it was already out, and only cost $7 to replace, I let them replace that...but nothing else.
I pay for my oil and PCV valve and go on my way.

Two hours later, my check engine light has come on. I researched what this can mean in light of the recent PCV valve, and it could mean other things are now out, or the mechanics (I am unsure that is an accurate title for them) messed up something in putting the new one in.

So, off to my TRUSTED mechanic I will go tomorrow for further examination, We will see if my cheap oil change is going to be an expensive venture.

Stay tuned!