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Monday, December 5, 2011

Top Money-Saving Apps
by Jason Price (Crown Financial -
Evolving smartphone technology and mobile apps have changed
the way we spend money and manage our finances—for better and
for worse. For example, some apps make it easier to buy things—which
might not be so good if you’re tempted to spend every time you spot
the latest deal sites online. But there are also apps that can help you
boost your productivity and save money. Here are a few ways you can
use your smartphone to save money and manage your finances.

Calculate Your Tips
A great way to ensure you’re not under or over tipping is by using
the QuickTip app. Simply decide what percentage you want to tip on
your final bill using a nifty slider and it automatically calculates the tip
amount. You can rest your mind at the dinner table!

Personal Finance Software
Most of the major financial software brands now offer mobile apps
that allow you to create a budget and monitor purchases. By entering
transactions when you make them, you can avoid the hassle of doing
it all at the end of the day. Crown Mvelopes® is an award-winning app
that offers the simplicity of envelope budgeting on the go.

Deals and Coupons
Interested in finding a great deal? Be careful. Daily deal apps can
entice you to spend more money than you normally would by tempting
you with irresistible sales. That said, apps like Groupon provide you
with local deals in your area that can result in significant price reductions
if enough people sign up for them. Other apps that can help you
find great deals in your area include the CraigsList and Yowza apps.

Save on Gas
GasBuddy helps you locate the cheapest gas in your area. This app
provides prices and station addresses and lets you sort by the cheapest
price so you’re not tempted to stop and buy gas at the first station you
see (unless you’re out of gas!).

Keep Track of Bills
We all know keeping track of bills is important and missing a bill isn’t
a good thing. If you’re the type of person who needs a reminder, check
out the Pageonce app. This app helps you avoid late charges by sending
your bill statements to your phone with due dates.

What mobile apps do you use to help you manage
and spend your money wisely? Let us know!
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